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apologies, working on correcting this.


Nob Jonni (2013)

An attempt at a children's book

that soon became rather inappropriate. This is the 172 page full edition.

The truncated version is available as

an actual book over at the Store.

5.5x8.5frontcover copy.jpg

Black Journal  (2011)

Second volume of automatic writings/drawings, this time transcribed

to typeface for easier reading. Of course that only makes the digressions into raving gibberish plainer to see. Originally packaged with and containing lyrics from NON COMPOS MANTIS cd.


Orange Journal  (2010)

Orange Journal came about as a result of an experiment in automatic writing with the idea of penning more spontaneous lyrics. But soon enough presences made themselves  felt and it snowballed into a furiously scrawled  collage of word /picture

catharsis. Originally packaged with and containing lyrics from ANY STORT IN A PORM  cd. 

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