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Wouldn't mind parting with several of these. Titles marked with * may be available; feel free to email if interested.

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Saturday Night  (18x24)
Been Being To Be  (24x24)
Gold Lady  (18x24)*
That Swimming Pool Is Smiling At Me
Yantra  (24X24)
Night On The Town  (30x24)
Orange Jack  (18x24)
1999  (30x24)*
B&W Narcissus  (36x24)*
Blue Buddha  (24x24)
Red Letter Day  (16x20)*
Male Of The  Species  (30x24)**
Grueling and Blacker  (30x24)*
Female of the Species (28x22)*
Burger Girl  (24x24)
The Pearl  (18x24)
Maybe It's Maybelline  (20x20)
The Way Of Happiness  (30x24)*
Metallized Saran Icicles Made It So*
Snakelike  (18x24)*
Scarlet Shroud  (3 30x24 canvases)
Fish Supper  (18x24)*
The United States of Sun  (28x22)*
Cow-dalini  (30x24)*
April 1 (18x24)
White Lady  (18x24)
72  (16x20)*
Kiss  (20x20)*
April 2  (16x20)
Ellipses  (20x20)*
Iron Nails Ran In  (16x20)
Coca-Calypse  (16X20)*
Orange Lady  (18x24)*
We Want (11x14)*
Party House  (30x24)
Green Masque  (24x24)*
The Old Math  (28x22)
Does She Or Doesn't She?  (11x14)*
Night Family  (11x14)
All Anybody Feels (11x14)*
Standoff At The Funhouse  (18x24)
Poe Stamp  (11X14)
JFK Stamp  (11x14)
Never A Straight Answer (11x14)*
Raw Chicken  (16X20)*
Make The World Go Away (11x14)**
We Feed The Monster (16x20)*
Scrambled Porn  (16x20)*
Frogs  (16x20)
Friendly Game  (20x20)
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