Wouldn't mind parting with several of these. Titles marked with * may be available; feel free to email if interested.

Saturday Night  (18x24)
Been Being To Be  (24x24)
Gold Lady  (18x24)
That Swimming Pool Is Smiling At Me
Yantra  (24X24)
Night On The Town  (30x24)
Orange Jack  (18x24)
1999  (30x24)*
B&W Narcissus  (36x24)*
Blue Buddha  (24x24)
Red Letter Day  (16x20)*
Male Of The  Species  (30x24)**
Grueling and Blacker  (30x24)*
Female of the Species (28x22)*
Burger Girl  (24x24)
The Pearl  (18x24)
Maybe It's Maybelline  (20x20)
The Way Of Happiness  (30x24)*
Metallized Saran Icicles Made It So*
Snakelike  (18x24)*
Scarlet Shroud  (3 30x24 canvases)
Fish Supper  (18x24)*
The United States of Sun  (28x22)*
Cow-dalini  (30x24)*
April 1 (18x24)
White Lady  (18x24)
72  (16x20)*
Kiss  (20x20)*
April 2  (16x20)
Ellipses  (20x20)*
Iron Nails Ran In  (16x20)
Coca-Calypse  (16X20)*
Orange Lady  (18x24)*
We Want (11x14)*
Party House  (30x24)
Green Masque  (24x24)*
The Old Math  (28x22)
Does She Or Doesn't She?  (11x14)*
Night Family  (11x14)
All Anybody Feels (11x14)*
Standoff At The Funhouse  (18x24)
Poe Stamp  (11X14)
JFK Stamp  (11x14)
Never A Straight Answer (11x14)*
Raw Chicken  (16X20)*
Make The World Go Away (11x14)**
We Feed The Monster (16x20)*
Scrambled Porn  (16x20)*
Frogs  (16x20)
Friendly Game  (20x20)*
Hang In There, Baby  (16x20)*