Brother JT is John Terlesky, born 1962 in Easton, Pa. Founded garage pop band the Original Sins in 1987. First single, "Just 14", generated good press, as did debut LP, Big Soul (both released on Bar/None Records). Band went on to release 10 albums (including Peter Buck-produced Move), tour America & Europe, get MTV airplay, chart on CMJ, and generally raise a ruckus before calling it a day in 1999.

  Somewhere around 1990, JT morphed into Brother JT (dubbed as such by journalist Byron Coley), an alter-ego that allowed him to express his more experimental/psych side. Beginning with the monolithic feedback piece Descent (Twisted Village), JT explored both solo bedroom recordings (Rainy Day Fun (Drunken Fish), and full band excursions (Music For the Other Head (Siltbreeze), as Brother JT & Vibrolux) eventually working with producer Neil Hagerty on Way To Go, and Spirituals (Drag City). Along the way he would tour with Bardo Pond, Royal Trux, Bevis Frond, Blonde Redhead, and Smog. Of late he has taken to self releasing CD's accomapnied by books of automatic writing/drawing. Chicago-based Thrill Jockey records plans to release The Svelteness of Boogietude in spring 2013

"Side one offers six variations on the Standells' garage grunge classic "Dirty Water"--NY DAILY NEWS, '88.

"The first side is a blaring set of mean-spirited rock s*** that oinks like the hawg of righteousness skewered on a spit. The flip side contains post-DB's pop so highly developed that when fans of this stuff get a boner they won't feel guity."
--SPIN, '88
"...ends with an excellent imitation of a rock group throwing it's instruments down a staircase."--ROLLING STONE, '88.

"If 'progress' means refining, these guys would rather regress."--CMJ, '89

"O.Sins leader JT is going to be one of the major sick-pop-noise talents of the next few years unless he gets his life straightened out."--FORCED EXPOSURE, '87

"John Terlesky tackles all the feelings of today's unfashionable runaway, and he still finds time to pose like John Hinkley. The cover is just two bucks probably because their financial standard is a bottle of beer."--VILLAGE VOICE, '91

"...Terlesky, howling with need, revulsion, or momentary triumph, finds in them a lifetime out of dullness and despondency, or at least a weapon for lashing back."--L.A.TIMES, '92

"These guys were like prisoners who'd escaped out of some giant trench, all in like trench coats and workboots and stuff, and here we were in this downtown sleazy club in Washington watching this band."--SHAKIN' STREET '90's?

"...deathless rudimentary riffs, coupled with cauldrons of feedback/distortion will make your head do a Linda Blair."--ALTERNATIVE PRESS, '90

"John Terlesky. What to make of him? Best not to."--EYE, '00.

"All that matters is that the Gods hear these vibrations and grant JT his plea."--200 lb UNDEGROUND, '96

"...his dusty LP sleeve of LED ZEPPELIN ...was used as a placemat for his breakfast, which consisted of Mountain Dew, a half-eaten bag of Chee-tos and a Snickers bar."--THE SOUTH END, '99

"...the gnome-like Terlesky led his sturdy trio through a smelting set...afterwards he asked me whe he could find a mailbox. When I had drawn him a map of the neighborhood, he said, 'God bless you'. What'd he mean by that?"--PUNCTURE, '99

"Husky, crooning and wobbly...JT stands proud,even when slightly confused."--WEBMAGAZ, '02

"Even if you think Terlesky is nothing more than a chemically-aided eccentric with limited lyrical ability, these two albums are stunning and oddly deranged."--MAGNET, '02

"Pro wrestling star the Rock, Yocco's Hot Dogs, and...John Terlesky: all products of the Lehigh Valley,
all national treasures in their own way."--PHILA. WEEKLY, '02.

"A JT Show is amazing, if you like to see chubby, thirty-somethings freak the living s*** out of themselves and you."--SWIZZLE-STICK.COM,'02

"Imagine a nerdy looking guy behind the controls of a day-glo painted Stealth bomber on a personal mission to flatten the planet..."--WIRE, '99

"...stringy hair, glazed eyes, scruffy face, and hefty waistline from six too many midnight Twinkies. So before I press play, I think, 'Damn, this dude probably grooves to Beck and Frank Zappa.'"--GHETTOBLASTER, '02.

"...a little like a bear that has been shot with a tranquilizer dart. It's a big, heavy thing that stumbles around clumsily in a sleepy, drugged-out haze."--SKYSCRAPER, '00.

"The first thing to enter my mind while listening...was a bear. A big black bear."--SPLENDID, '03

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